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Mid century, Art Deco style with walnut case with a warm gentle tone.

£ 895.00

This piano was built in the early 1990's, it has a modern style case without toes and columns. It has a practice peddle and full length music desk. It is a walnut satin colour, it has a 'big' sound capable of accompanying a gopsel choir.

Yamaha M108

This piano has a mahogany satin case and was manufactured in the mid 1980's. The piano has a third practice peddle and a modern style case without toes and columns. This piano is a good example of its type.

Yamaha U1H

Age mid 1970's in black bright
case. This bench mark piano is
great value at this second hand price.

On Application
Yamaha U3H

Second hand late 1970's. Bright
black traditional case.


Small modern upright piano. This compact seven octave piano is in a light coloured case. Tuned to A440 this piano is in good condition. Ideal for a flat or cottage.